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Picture Post was the classic photo illustrated magazine of its day, and it ran from October 1938 to June 1957

Most of these papers have rusting around the staples, and a few have some loose pages, but are all complete.

Some issues have a short pencil name or address on either the front or back covers


1938 to 1944

1945 to 1950

1951 to 1957







Picture Post 3rd March 1951

48 pages

Cover - June, the rough rider

Why another coal crisis?

The madwoman of Chaillot

Reflections on being 80 by Andre Gide


Picture Post May 12th 1951 Vol 51 No 6

Pages 52

Cover Randy Stuart's day off

Articles include

Can Spain's army help the west?  3 pages

Racing with small cars (500cc)  2 pages

Festival of Britain 3 pages (including centre page site plan)

When stars relax  10 pages

storage marks down right cover edge


Picture Post 14th July 1951

56 pages

Top 1" of covers detached from spine

The Harewood baby at home

7000 Frasers (clan gathering)

Cuba's No 1 sport (cock-fighting)

The boy Bannister (Roger Bannister)

Laughton comes back as the devil

Bert Hardy's box-camera Blackpool


Picture Post 21st July 1951

56 pages

Cover - Daniele Delorm


Ballerina in the bud

Spanish dressmaker

Non-stop peepshow (Windmill Theatre)


Picture Post 11th August 1951

52 pages

Damage to spine

The school on the hill (Harrow)

Life in the stone age

48 million mile journey into outer space

Shearing time in Snowdonia


Picture Post 18th August 1951

52 pages

Football is big business

Maid Marion makes the joint jump (Marion Harris)

The other sugar (Sugar Chile Robinson)

Highland dancing

The greatest show on earth (Tour de France)


Picture Post 1st September 1951

48 pages

The cruising Windsors

Fifty years of classical scandal

Surrealist ballet

Stammering can be cured

Delta jet

The intelligent American's guide to cricket


Picture Post 8th September 1951

52 pages

Pages detached from staples

Randy hits the USA (Randolph Turpin)

Soviet prima ballerina (Galina Ulanova)

Hound trailing

Wedding of the year (Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott and Ian Hedworth Gilmour)


Picture Post 13th October 1951

60 pages

Ten days of anxiety (the King's health)

Lyrics from the Lyric

Rita with her children (Rita Hayworth)

The Yanks at Roedean

Sex and the citizen: some common worries, real and imaginary


Picture Post December 8th 1951 Vol 53 No 10

Pages 64

Cover Fashion artists model

Articles include

A Princess to open the ball (Margaret) 3 pages

The Wiere Brothers comedy trio 2 pages

Spotlight on the Kiwis (Rugby) 3 pages

Italy's flood disaster 3 page

The Red Badge of Courage 3 pages

Fashion artist  3 pages





Picture Post January 26th 1952 Vol 54 No 4

Pages  48

Cover Earl of Dalkeith

Articles include

Farmer Earl  from the Border  3 pages

New cover girl Patti Carlin 4 pages

First pictures of an ant war 6 pages (including 4 page colour centre)

A Streetcar named Dsire 2 pages

Four of everything - Cole quads 3 pages

small rip /tear to cover


Picture Post February 16th  1952 Vol 54 No 7

Pages 56

Articles include

Death / Life King George VI 16 pages

Dresses from the Arabian Nights - Indian designer Princess German 4 page colour centre

Sanders of the river 1952  4 pages

Bat watching 4 pages


Picture Post February 23rd 1952 Vol 54 No 8

Pages 60

Cover The Crown

Articles include

Mostly a Royal issue covering the death of George VI and proclamation of Elizabeth II


Picture Post 1st March 1952

60 pages

Fair bit of wear to spine and cover detached from staples

Askey picks the winners

Tomorrow's struggle for Europe

The wanderers with a history (Bolton Wanderers)

The life and background of George VI

Paris has a rival

Gilbert and Sullivan



Picture Post 19th April 1952

60 pages

The Queen's birthday

Prince Philip meets the miners

Kelly dances with the elements (Singin' in the Rain)

Picture Post picks the new Elizabethans

Burl Ives in the Old Kent Road


Picture Post July 12th 1952 Vol 56 No 2

Pages 60

Cover The Queen at Holyrood

Articles include

Scots welcome their Queen 6 pages

Italy Musso's ghost walks -Fascist Party election votes 6 pages

Tivyside is fighting for its coracles 2 pages

Derby day for soap box speeders 3 pages

wear to spine


Picture Post September 27th 1952 Vol 56 No 13

Pages 48

Cover The Queen and her horses

Articles include

The Socialists (Labour party conference) 5 pages

The Queen and her horses 3 pages

First day at school 3 pages

Pat McCormick - female bullfighter - 4 pages







Picture Post 3rd January 1953

40 pages

Some wear to edges of pages

Review of 1952 in pictures


Picture Post 10th January 1953

32 pages

Young people in a changing civilisation


Picture Post 2nd May 1953

52 pages

7 days leave - from prison

Bringing up Portland, by James and Pamela Mason

The House of Windsor

Picture Post watches a water diviner


Picture Post 13th June 1953

104 pages

Special Coronation Souvenir Number



Picture Post 6th June 1953

84 pages

Small tear to back cover

Special Coronation Souvenir Number


Picture Post 26th December 1953

40 pages

Queen Salote and her people

We have the best Empire

Dior off the peg

An outsize Christmas party




Picture Post 16th January 1954

48 pages

All pages detached from rusted staples and some discolouration to covers

Cover - Gregory Peck

13th time lucky - France's new president

What men really think of our women

The last of the Principal Boys?

Inside a working men's club

Best and worst of our cities - Manchester


Picture Post 30th January 1954

48 pages

Slight damage to lower edge of front cover

Cover - Vincent Winter

Sir Frank Whittle - Why do Comets crash?

Eunice Gayson

Best and worst of our cities - Edinburgh

Will Norman Wisdom be another Charlie Chaplin?

Barbara Woodhouse

The fabulous Miss Rubenstein


Picture Post 6th February 1954

54 pages

All pages detached from rusting staples

Are our salesmen doing a job in America?

I was guest of Ernest Hemingway

The queen's sunshine wardrobe

Best and worst of our cities - Birmingham


Picture Post 13th February 1954

48 pages

All pages detached from rusting staples

Cover - Silvana Mangano

Hemingway on safari

The best and worse of British Trade Unions

The Englishman as lover


Picture Post 6th March 1954

52 pages

All pages detached from rusting staples

Cover - Ernest Hemingway

The trial of General China

Four smart girls pick Paris dresses

Marlon Brando v America

Hemingway on safari

The dreams of a film extra


Picture Post 27th March 1954

52 pages

Cover - Elizabeth Taylor

Roberta Cowell's own story

What is Mau Mau?

Elizabeth Taylor meets the elephants


Picture Post 3rd April 1954

52 pages

Cover detached from staples

Cover - Sir Gordon Richards

The queen stays on amongst us

Roberta Cowell - I learn to live as a woman

Creatures of the Amazon

France : Unknown neighbour

Audrey Hepburn in "Ondine"

Best and worst of British cities - Liverpool



Picture Post 10th April 1954

52 pages

Cover - Dawn Adams

Indochina - whose war is it?

Springtime customs of Britain

Britain beats Germany on the toy front

How to marry a prince


Picture Post 24th April 1954

52 pages

Cover - Marilyn Monroe

Light creasing at bottom right of front cover

Cheshire V.C.

Khedda - the great elephant hunt

The church's flying squad

The king who was not Farouk

That date in Korea - Marilyn Monroe - 2 pages


Picture Post May 13th 1954  Vol 63 No 7

THE Queen Special Souvenir issue

Pages  56

Cover The Queen

Articles include

Red China's first conference  4 pages

The Army elects a General (Salvation Army) 2 pages

Welcome Home Royal souvenir of the Empire Tour - 16 pages

Cheshire VC Part 2 - 4 pages approx

Plymouth 3 pages


Picture Post May 22nd 1954  Vol 63 No 8

Pages 52

Cover A new star from France (Dany Robin)

Articles include

Moscow dances 2 pages

Prince Charles and Princess Anne - 2 page photo

colour centre page pin up The Queen

Bannister The Englishman gets there first  2 pages

Cheshire VC Part 3  - 4 pages approx


Picture Post 29th May 1954

52 pages

cover detached from staples

The Queen's Return - 10 pages of pictures

Teddy boys and teddy girls

The best and worst of British cities - Bristol



Picture Post 31st July 1954

48 pages

Cover - Zoe Newton

Cover creased and detached from staples

How the princess captured Germany (Princess Margaret)

We hitch-hiked to the sun on £5

It's always Bank Holiday in Blackpool


Picture Post 11th September 1954

56 pages

All pages detached from staples

Cover - Joan Collins

Too young at sixty-nine

Paris is good for you

Boogie from Tuna Puna (Winifred Atwell)


Picture Post 2nd October 1954

56 pages

Cover - Yvonne Furneaux

Do we need a home guard?

A foal's first days

Junior Fleet Street


Picture Post 9th October 1954

56 pages

The Goldsmith baby

Frankie Laine

Rosalina Neri

You and your health


Picture Post 20th November 1954

64 pages

Cover - Elizabeth Taylor

Horror comics - is this the end?

Audrey as model (Audrey Hepburn)

The four little Farouks

Manchester's school for mannequins

Battling Bessie Braddock

Jimmy Edwards - Jimmunist candidate


Picture Post 27th November 1954

64 pages

Cover - Hildegarde Neff

Manchester's ten lessons for Britain

Putting Trinder on ice

The camera records a miracle at Lourdes


Picture Post 4th December 1954

64 pages

Some pages detached from staples

Hollywood mothers

Children of today

Comprehensive schools

Diaghilev exhibition in London


Picture Post 18th December 1954

56 pages

Cover - Elsa Martinelli

Do the French drink too much?





Picture Post 8th January 1955

48 pages

Cover - Norma Sykes

Inside China

The cost of schooling

A day with Salvador Dali

Wolves - Team of the Year

George Orwell




Sorry no issues in stock





Picture Post 25th February 1957

48 pages

Queen's Tour of Portugal

Tommy Steele

Persia's Lost Capital

We open our new home


Picture Post June 1st 1957 LAST ISSUE

Pages 48

Cover Our first and last cover

Articles include

This issue mainly reprints some previously published articles

from the 20 years of Picture Post publication.