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Picture Post was the classic photo illustrated magazine of its day, and it ran from October 1938 to June 1957

Most of these papers have rusting around the staples, and a few have some loose pages, but are all complete.

Some issues have a short pencil name or address on either the front or back covers

1938 to 1944

1945 to 1950

1951 to 1957






Picture Post November 5th 1938 Vol 1 No 6

Pages 80

Cover The Crinoline comes back

Articles include

War in the Holy Land  5 pages

Dance madness in the USA  - Jitter Bug 3 pages

London's Bohemia  6 pages

Great British Masters 6 Sir Henry Raeburn - 4 colour centre pages

Crisis by election  6 pages

The crinoline comes back  3 pages

Life in a Lighthouse 2 pages

The Law  7 pages


Picture Post November 12th 1938 Vol 1 No 7

Pages 80

Cover Twenty years after...what will his future be

Articles include

1918 to 1938 in pictures (20 years of peace) 14 pages

Candid camera in the cafe of artists  6 pages

The International Brigade dismiss 4 pages

Great british masters 7 John Hopner colour pages - centre detached from magazine

Tattersallis bloodstock market  3 pages

The Stock Exchange  7 pages


Picture Post November 19th 1938 Vol 1 No 8

Pages 80

Cover A hunting we will go

Articles include

Hunting the Fox 6 pages

The Queen's dressmaker (Norman Hartnell)  4 pages

Mary Atkins on parade 2 pages

Torpedoes from the air 4 pages

Great british masters 8 George Morland 4 pages (2 pages colour centrefold)

Manchester 6 pages

centre pages detached from magazine


December 10th 1938 Vol 1 No 11

Pages 104

Cover - How Many Days till Christmas Mummy

Articles include

George Belcher RSA  5 pages

A night out in London  5 pages

The Salvation Army  8 pages

This is the Monkey Club (debutantes)  5 pages

A naval diver learns his job  5 pages

The world most successful boy (Freddie Bartholomew) 4 pages

great British masters 11 John Constable 4 pages (2 page colour centrefold)

A day with the war minister  6 pages






Picture Post January 7th 1939 Vol 2 No 1

Pages 80

Cover A day in the life of a dog

Articles include

The Circus 6 pages

The Kingdom of Beggars (Paris) 3 pages

A street accident and what follows  5 pages

Stage girls club 3 pages

Boys enlist as shadow airmen 2 pages

A day in the life of a French dog  4 pages

The Pope's bodyguard  5

Great British Masters 15 George Frederick Watts 4 pages (2 pages colour centrefold)

The Birth of a Dance - The Chestnut Tree  5 pages

Scotland Yard  history 5 pages


Picture Post January 14th 1939 Vol 2 No 2

Pages 80

Cover Melitta Brunner

Articles include

January sales  8 pages

A day in the life of a film extra  4 pages

Quai d'Orsay  9 pages

Great British masters 16 Sir John Everett Millais 4 pages (2 page colour centrefold)

A night in a bus garage  4 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post February 11th 1939 Vol 2 No 6

Pages 80

Cover too much politics these days

Articles include

The life of a station - London's Victoria -  9 pages

Parachute jumpers  6 pages

School of Beauty 4 pages

Great British Masters 20 - Walter Greaves 4 pages (colour centrefold)

Unemployed  6 pages


Picture Post March 4th  1939 Vol 2 No 9

Pages 88

Cover The Drum Major gets dressed

Articles include

Fleet Street by night 9 pages

The German army today  5 pages

Nippy (Lyons Tea Shop waitress)  6 pages

Churchill's family album 7 pages

Great British masters 23 Ambrose McEvoy  4 pages (centre pages colour)

Tyneside 7 pages

The Drum Major gets dressed   4 pages

centre pages detached from magazine


Picture Post March 25th 1939 Vol 2 No 12

Pages 96

Cover Blossom by blossom - spring begins

Articles include

A National Theatre is born 3 pages

Soho  8 pages

The life of a Chinese Guerilla  5 pages

The modern suffragettes 4 pages

Design for spring time 2 pages

The Tote  6 pages

Great British masters - Wyndham Lewis 4 pages (colour centre pages)

cover and centre 12 pages  detached from magazine

small bits out bottom cover edge


Picture Post April 15th 1939 Vol 3 No 2

Pages 76

Cover Andy Sandham and his son

Articles include

The forgotten army (Spain) 8 pages

Peke show (dogs) 4 pages

Cricket School 2 pages

Marble Arch  4 pages

Models for hire 5 pages

A day in the life of a vet 4 pages

Fashion goes wild 2 pages

centre pages detached from magazine


Picture Post April 22nd 1939 Vol 3 No 3

Pages 76

Cover A day in the life of a Life Guard

Articles include

The oldest parliament (Isle of Man) 5 pages

Wine auction at Christies 3 pages

A day in the life of a Life Guard 5 pages

Billingsgate  6 pages

History of 100 years in photos 1 - The Men who made this history possible 5 pages

Cricket 3 pages text

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post May 13th  1939 Vol 3 No 6

Pages 76

Cover One of the King's Indian orderly officers

Articles include

Britain prepares 2 The Call for women 4 pages

Coracle Men 4 pages

The King's Indian orderly officers 5 pages

History of 100 years in photos 4 the new Europe takes shape 8 sepia pages

James Joyce 2 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post  May 20th 1939 Vol 3 No 7

Pages 76

Cover Bule Peter and Jack Jarvis - A Derby favourite

Articles include

Newmarket prepares for the Derby  9 pages

Toscanini conducts  2 pages

Bond Street  5 pages

Against the Nazis (anti nazi propoganda inside German)  3 pages

History of 100 years in photos 5 - The Crimean War 8 sepia pages

A weekend with the Crazy Gang  6 pages

West India cricketers  2 pages

centre pages detached from magazine


Picture Post July 8th 1939 Vol 4 No 1

Pages 76

Cover Topsy Dunning - ballet exams

Articles include

training for Henley 7 pages

Devils Island penal colony  7 pages

Exam for ballet dancers 4 pages

History of 100 years in photos 12 - South Africa 8 sepia pages

Good wood madame (women bowlers) 3 pages

Scotland and Home Rule by Compton Mackenzie 7 pages

Clear the Road- the coaching club holds a meet 5 pages

British writers say their say - E M Forster - Tolerance 3 pages

small inch or so split at top of spine


Picture Post August 12th 1939 Vol 4 No 6

Pages 76

Cover Holiday Express

Articles include

Atlantic crossings - The Queen Mary  11 pages

A Guardsman learns to march  4 pages

Inside Roumanias parliament  5 pages

Sea Life Guards3 pages

History of 100 years in photos 17 - The British Dominions 8 sepia pages

Brighton 7 pages

Conscientious Objectors  4 pages

A sportsman gets his guns (makers) 6 pages

Little tear damage to cover taped on inside cover / tear pulls at staples


Picture Post  September 2nd 1939 Vol 4 No 9

Pages 76

Cover Leonide Massine / Slavenska

Articles include

Thetis submarine sunk Liverpool Bay  8 pages

My Struggle by Mrs Van Der Elst 5 pages

The Gay 90s  8 pages in sepia

The Girl Guides 8 pages

The Kents new home 4 pages

cover detached from magazine



Picture Post 9th September 1939

76 pages

Cover in poor condition and pages detached from staples

How it happened - the Russo-German pact - 7 pages

The Isle of Man

The Boer War

Canterbury Cathedral

Strange laws in the USA



Picture Post September 16th 1939 Vol 4 No 11

Pages 68

Cover Young Bill goes off

Articles include

How the war began 24 pages

History of 100 years in photos 22 (death Queen Victoria / new King) 8 sepia pages

Canals are coming back  7 pages

A girls' school takes cover 4 pages


Picture Post October 7th  1939 Vol 5 No 1

Pages 52

Cover Anthony Eden

Articles include

The life of Anthony Eden  9 pages

Picture Post The First year  2 pages

Diary of the War no 5 The Third Week  8 pages

cover and centre pages detached from magazine


Picture Post November 4th 1939 Vol 5 No 5

Pages 64

Cover Holland is ready

Articles include

Diary of the War No 9 The seventh week  7 pages

The life of a New Yorker 7 pages

Air Raid Warden to glamour girl  2 pages

Potsdam dances  2 pages

Holland is Ready  6 pages

The Fate of Homo Sapiens by H G Wells  4 pages

What are our war aims 1 page text

Tape repair to back cover tear (about 1 inch)

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post November 11th 1939 Vol 5 No 6

Pages 60

Cover ATS girl blows up a football

Articles include

Wigan town plus coal and cotton workers - 9 pages

Torpedoes 4 pages

Diary of the war No 10 The eigth week  6 pages

The Fate of Homo Sapiens by H G Wells 3 pages

What are our war aims? 2 pages text

cover and centre pages detached from magazine


Picture Post November 18th 1939 Vol 5 No 7

Pages  64

Cover Beauty in the Snow - The wife of an Alaskan settler

Articles include

Diary of the War No 11 - The ninth week  6 pages

Alaska 10 pages

New Yorks 52nd street 4 pages

We are Happy (evacuated children) 4 pages

London fruit market 4 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post December 9th  1939 Vol 5 No 10

Pages 64

Cover A girl in the land army

Articles include

Diary of the War No 14 - The twelfth week 5 pages

Gliding 4 pages

Roumania 9 pages

What happened to Hitler's prisoners (from 1933) 4 pages

H G Wells replies to his critics "The fate of Homo Sapiens" book 1 page


Picture Post December 23rd  1939 Vol 5 No 12

Pages 56

Cover  - One must have a bath for Christmas

Articles include

The life of Jesus Christ + general Christmas articles





Picture Post March 23rd 1940 Vol 6 No 12

Pages 64

Cover The birth of an Easter bonnet

Articles include

A day on a minesweeper 9 pages

My Finnish diary 2 pages

The Men who made the war - Hitler + leaders centre page photo (detached from magazine)

School in Exile - public scools re-used for war use 7 pages

Birth of an Easter Bonnet  2 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post May 11th 1940 Vol 7 No 6

Pages 44

Cover Hazel Jennings

Articles include

The men of no-man's land  4 pages

Life of the Archbishop of York 3 pages

Deanna Durbin grows up 1 page

A child's view of the war 3 pages



Picture Post February 8th 1941 Vol 10 No 6

Pages 40

Cover Muriel Parlow / John Gielgud in "Dear Brutus"

Articles include

The war in Libya 9 pages

A schoolgirl turns into a star (cover story)  2 pages

Leslie Howard "Prison without bars" film 4 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post January April 12th 1941 Vol  11 No 2

Pages 36

Cover Mr J G Winant U.S. Ambassador

Articles include

The stormy history of Jugoslavia 9 pages

Pictures in the black-out 2 pages

Parliament's Home Guard 3 pages

Gracie Fields 1 page (4 photos)

The background of Mr Winant 2 pages

Cecil Beaton dresses a girl for a film 3 pages

A baby in wartime 2 pages


Picture Post May 3rd 1941 Vol 11 No 5

Pages 36

Cover Watching over the convoy

Articles include

Cover detached from magazine

The morning after the Blitz 9 pages

Hitler's spring offensive 2 pages

Convoy 4 pages

That Admiral Darlan  2 pages


Picture Post May 17th 1941 Vol 11 No 7

Pages 36

Cover Deer shot for food

Articles include

cover detached from magazine

The warning of Plymouth 5 pages

A deer shoot 4 pages

Train the Home Guard for a modern war 4 pages

An open letter to Winston Churchill 1 page


Picture Post June 7th 1941 Vol 11 No 10

Pages 32

Cover Australian and Canadian premiers - The Empire draws closer

Articles include

The Empire draws closer 3 pages

Victory in Ethiopia 6 pages

And all to help Britain - USA RAF funraising tour 2 pages

That army education by J B Priestley  4 pages

Fashions for the farm 3 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post July 12th 1941 Vol 12 No 2

Pages 32

Cover The Soviet ambassador in his London garden

Articles include

The Soviet ambassador talks about war 3 pages

A day on the river 4 pages (boating, picnics etc)

I ask Lord Walton by J B Priestley 2 pages

bottom staple detached fom cover / centre pages detached


Picture Post August 16th 1941 Vol 12 No 7

Pages 32

Cover They bombed the Scharnhorst

Articles include

The day they bombed the Scharnhorst  6 pages

Our village garden show 4 pages


Picture Post October 11th 1941 Vol 13 No 2

Pages  28

Cover Herbert Morrison - Home Secretary

Articles include

The terror in Europe  7 pages

We spend a quiet evening with the Free French girls 3 pages

Harvest festival  4 pages


Picture Post October 18th 1941 Vol 13 No 3

Pages  28

Cover Daria Bayan

Articles include

We're getting a good army  3 pages

Soho pub is unofficial headquarters of free French. 3 pages

The U.S. trains her paratroops 1 page

A corner of the Soviet in Cotswalds  4 pages

Harvest of seeds 3 pages


Picture Post October 25th 1941 Vol 13 No 4

Pages 28

Cover A tank driver

Articles include

From the Soviet battlefronts  5 pages

We want more nursery schools  43 pages

The Army's airmen  5 pages


Picture Post November 15th 1941 Vol 13 No 7

Pages 28

Cover The commander of the convoy

Articles include

Convoy to Russia artists drawings  8 pages

Fitness camp inthe USA  2 pages

I conduct a Midland Red  3 pages






Picture Post January 3rd 1942 Vol 14 No 1

Pages 28

Cover The heir of Britain's inheritance

Articles include

The land we're fighting for  6 pages

What we have done to our country  5 pages

Farming the basis for a healthy countryside 4 pages


Picture Post January 24th 1942 Vol 14 No 4

Pages 28

Cover The Archbishop of Canterbury

Articles include

This Question of Street fighting (home guard training)  5 pages

To Face Japan - Men who defend New Guinea 2 pages

The Archbishop of Canterbury  2 pages


Picture Post February 7th 1942 Vol 14 No 6

Pages 28

Cover Australian recruits in training

Articles include

Australia in danger 5 pages

Cornish Tin Mines 3 pages


Picture Post  February 21st 1942 Vol 14 No 8

Pages 28

Cover Irene Moyes

Articles include

Sir Stafford waits and watches

A Submarine puts to sea 5 pages

bottom staple detached from cover


Picture Post March 7th 1942 Vol 14 No 10

Pages 28

Cover Dr Temple new Archbishop of York

Articles include

What German conquest means to France 3 pages

Japs lay cable across swollen Yangtze river 2 pages

McCarthur of the Philippines  4 pages


Picture Post  April 25th 1942 Vol 15 No 4

Pages 28

Cover  Spring comes to London

Articles include

A raid against Rommel 7 pages

The fight to maintain the freedom of the press 3 pages

A soldier gets a bride 4 pages

Nehru-The boy from Harrow 2 pages

St Pauls hears the guards band play - 3 pages


Picture Post May 9th 1942 Vol 15 No 6

Pages 28

Cover Anne Sheridan in Kings Row

Articles include

Watch on the Rhine play 3 pages

How to escape from a submarine 2 pages

A coloured conductor (Rudolph Dunbar) has an Albert Hall triumph 2 pages


Picture Post May 23rd 1942 Vol 15 No 8

Pages 28

Cover Wartime Terminus

Articles include

Wartime Terminus  (leaving from train stations)- 6 pages

Amy Mollisson's Life retold as a film  4 pages


Picture Post June 6th 1942 Vol 15 No 10

Pages 28

Cover "Big Game" racehorse

Articles include

The King's horses train for the Derby and Oaks 5 pages

Mexico prepares to fight for democracy 2 pages

Recovering a tank under fire 4 pages


Picture Post  June 20th  1942 Vol 15 No 12

Pages 28

Cover The Hottest day of the year

Articles include

What the advancing Russians found

Hannen Swaffer - The Pope of Fleet Street 5 pages

cover detached from magazine


Picture Post June 27th 1942 Vol 15 No 13

Pages 24 pages

Cover The Commander of a "General Grant"

Articles include

A General Grant arrives in Libya  3 pages

York's new Archbishop is enthroned - 2 pages

New technique of photography captures split second action 3 pages

An air cadet joins the R.A.F. 4 pages

Lynn, Royce and Vanya dance act


Picture Post July 4th 1942 Vol 16 No 1

Pages 28

Cover Our Village goes herb gathering

Articles include

U.S. Army Chief of staff promises an invasion of Europe - 1 page

Len Harvey / Freddie Mills boxing match 2 pages

War in the Forest 2 pages

Orson Welles - The Magnificent Ambersons" 2 pages

Bath - What the Nazis mean by a  Baedeker Raid 2 pages

Our Village goes on a nettle hunt - 1 page


Picture Post July 18th 1942 Vol 16 No 3

Pages 28

Cover The mysterious valley of the Nile

Articles include

The mysterious valley of the Nile -  5 pages

Britain mines her outcrop coal  - 3 pages


Picture Post October 10th 1942 Vol 17 No 2

Pages 28

Cover Jugoslavian guerilla leader and his wife

Articles include

The Russians launch a counter attack - 1 page

A Lancaster is Modified and goes up on test - 5 pages

The Meaning of Nazi occupation (Oslo) 1 page

How Jugoslavia fights back - 3 pages


Picture Post October 24th 1942 Vol 17 No 4

Pages 24 pages

Cover Wendell Willkie

Articles include

Wendell Willkie 5 pages

Britain Gets  two new battleships-"Anston" and "Howe" 2 pages

Gypsy Rose Lee - 2 pages

This is a modern office building - 2 pages


Picture Post  November 7th 1942 Vol 17 No 6

Pages 28

Cover - A girl sets out to be a star - Christabell Moore

Articles include

Lenin / 25 years USSR - 3 pages

Paratroops in training  3 pages

Britain at war guards her art treasures 4 pages

A girl sets out to be a star - Christabell Moore 3 pages

Will German Morale Crack 3 pages

bottom staple detached from magazine


Picture Post November 14th 1942 Vol 17 No 7

Pages 28

Cover - Capt. Morgan H Griffin of the Alaskan Flying Tigers

Articles include

Attack in the Desert - 4 pages

Fire Guard on the House of Commons - 3 pages

U.S. Moves westwards down the Aleutians - 4 pages


Picture Post December 5th 1942 Vol 17 No 10

Pages 28

Cover - Admiral Leahy Chief of Staff To President Roosevelt

Articles include

Armada to Africa - 9 pages

On The Yangtse River Front 3 pages


Picture Post December 12th 1942 Vol 17 No 11

Pages 28

Cover Joanna Horder / Julian Somers

Articles include

The Russian Front 9 pages

What Does an M.P. Do For His Money - 4 pages


Picture Post December 26th 1942 Vol 17 No 12

Pages 28

Cover Robert Atkins & Helen Cherry -Henry IV

Articles include

General Christmas articles






Picture Post May 1st  1943 Vol 19 No 5


Cover - Poland's national day

Articles include

The Chinas bombproof university 2 pages

In Paris clothes for 2000 wealthy collaborators 2 pages fashion drawings

war here and there 2 pages

Sicily Battlefield of Europe and Africa 2 pages

The wisest dog in the world (poodles)  3 pages

Rehabilitation (wounded soldiers) What it means  3 pages

back cover trimmed slightly larger than rest of magazine


Picture Post August 7th 1943 Vol 20 No 11

Pages 28

Cover Greer Garson

Articles include
The day the German armies cracked  5 pages

Alarm in Norway  2 pages

What it means to be a Jitterbug 3 pages

Crash Dive A tough trauma of submarines  2 pages

Greer Garson  2 pages


Picture Post August 21st 1943 Vol 20 No 8

Pages  28

Cover Esther Williams

Articles include

Four weeks to take Sicily  9 pages

London's refugee theatres 3 pages

A Cumberland sheep clipping  4 pages

Esther Williams  2 pages


Picture Post October 2nd 1943 Vol 21 No 1

Pages 28

Cover Jennifer Jones

Articles include

A War artist on the Clyde (Stanley Spencer)  5 pages

A Mexican prisoner has a visit from his wife  4 pages

A good send off for Dr Benes 3 pages

After the RAF visit  (Italy)  3 pages

Anne Miller  1 page


Picture Post November 13th 1943 Vol 21 No 7

Pages 28

Cover Leni Lynn makes a film at Elstree

Articles include

the war that will continue after Germany's defeat (Japanese)  3 pages

Jazz Jamboree in full swing 2 pages

To see the King of Egypt 2 pages

Leni Lynn makes a film  3 pages

Why women don't have babies  6 pages


Picture Post November 20th 1943 Vol 21 No 8

Pages 28

Cover Jugoslav partisan

Articles include

Anthony Eden in the Middle East  3 pages

The German navy faces another Scapa Flow  4 pages

The prettiest dolls in the world  3 pages





Picture Post February 12th 1944 Vol 22 No 7

Pages 28

Cover Girl from Honolulu

Articles include

Along the road to Rome 4 pages

Durham miners hear of the £5 wage 3 pages

Hawaiian serenaders in London 2 pages

A mass weapon against TB  3 pages

Cradle Song  3 pages

Topolski draws Bernard Shaw 2 pages


Picture Post February 19th 1944 Vol 22 No 8

Pages 28

Cover : Portrait of an ally - Officer of American Womans Army Corps

Articles include

Heligoland Rommel's Invasion bastion  3 pages

NFS girls get ready for blitz riding - dispatch riders  3 pages

Phosperous bombs in the streets of Berlin 1 page

Pandora  3 pages

The Lodger A terror film 2 pags


Picture Post April 1st 1944 Vol 23 No 1

Pages 28

Cover - Just a common little cat

Articles include

What is the future of the Baltic states  5 pages

Japanese invincibility - the end of a legend  1 page

John Barribolli 1 page

Just a common little cat  2 pages

The ITMA programme in Spanish 1 page

small tears / bits out bottom edge of cover


Picture Post April 29th 1944 Vol 23 No 5

Pages 28

Cover - Sun Chariot has a son

Articles include

Tory reform What are they after?  3 pages

Sun Chariot has a son  3 pages

The Coming Invasion What the Germans say 2 pages

A nice day's fishing  4 pages