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JACKIE COMIC 1983 - 84





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Jackie 994 January 22nd 1983

Crossword filled in in ink

Pin-ups: Madness (double page)

Feature: Kate Bush, Boy George


Jackie 995 January 29th 1983

Some surface wear down spine

Pin-ups: Blancmange, Lorenzo Lamas

Feature : Tony Hadley


Jackie 996 February 5th 1983

Some surface wear and light creasing to front cover

Pin-ups : Tears for Fears, Whitesnake

Features: Wham, Culture Club



Jackie 997 February 12th 1983






Jackie 1001 March 12th 1983

Quite a bit of wear and creasing to front cover

Pin-up: Culture Club (double page)

Feature: Fame




Jackie 1003 March 26th 1983

Pin-ups:  The Belle Stars, Fame (double page)



Jackie 1004 April 2nd 1983

Surface wear and light creasing to front cover

Pin-up:  Kajagoogoo (double page)



Jackie 1006 April 16th 1983

Pin-ups: Soft Cell, Men at Work

Feature: Toyah


Jackie 1007 April 23rd 1983

Light surface wear to front cover

Small ink marks on quiz page

Pin-up: Fun Boy Three (double page)

Feature: Limahl



Jackie 1008 April 30th 1983

Surface wear to front cover

Pin-up: Haysi Fantayzee (double page)

Feature: Kajagoogoo


Jackie 1009 May 7th 1983

Pin-ups:  Haircut One Hundred, Merrick and Tibbs

Feature: David Van Day


Jackie 1010 May 14th 1983

Light surface creasing at spine

Pin-ups: Simon Le Bon, Modern Romance

Features: Limahl, Wide Boy Awake


Jackie 1011 May 21st 1983

Very light horizontal crease where magazine has been folded

Pin-ups: Duran Duran (double page), Kajagoogoo

Feature: Belle Stars


Jackie 1012 May 28th 1983

Pin-ups: Edwyn Collins, Phil Oakey

Feature: Duran Duran


Jackie 1013 June 4th 1983

Pin-ups: Bananarama, Wham (double page)

Feature: Jennie McKeown


Jackie 1014 June 11th 1983

Pin-ups: Mari Wilson, Thompson Twins (double page)

Feature: Kajagoogoo



Jackie 1015 June 18th 1983

Pin-ups: Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears

Feature: Roman Holliday



Jackie 1016 June 25th 1983

Pin-ups: Sting, Orange Juice

Feature: Joboxers


Jackie 1017 July 2nd 1983

Pin-ups: Limahl, Big Country

Features: Duran Duran, Steve Strange


Jackie 1018 July 9th 1983

Pin-ups: David Van Day, John Taylor

Feature: Eurythmics


Jackie 1019 July 16th 1983

Pin-up: Heaven 17 (double page)

Features: Todd Carty



Jackie 1020 July 23rd 1983

Surface damage to front and back covers

Pin-ups: Simon Le Bon, Human League

Features: The Belle Stars, Orange Juice



Jackie 1021 July 30th 1983

Feature: Spandau Ballet



Jackie 1022 August 6th 1983

Light horizontal crease where magazine has been folded

Pin-up: Limahl (double page)

Feature : Clare Grogan


Jackie 1023 August 13th 1983

Light creasing to back cover

Pin-up: Iron Maiden, Wham

Feature: Big Country


Jackie 1024 August 20th 1983

Pin-ups: Culture Club, Midge Ure

Features: Heaven 17, China Crisis


Jackie 1025 August 27th 1983

Crease to bottom right corner of magazine

Pin-ups: Police, Tony Hadley

Features : Limahl


Jackie 1027 September 10th 1983

Bottom right corner of magazine creased

Pin-up: Kajagoogoo (double page), David Bowie



Jackie 1028 September 17th 1983

Feature: Andrew Ridgeley


Jackie 1033 October 22nd 1983

Light horizontal crease where magazine has been folded

Pin-ups: Big Country, Orange Juice




Jackie 1034 October 29th 1983

Pin-ups: Shakin' Stevens, Madness

Features: Nick Heyward, John Rocca


Jackie 1036 November 12th 1983

Pin-up: Gary Numan (double page)

Feature: Freeez, Bananarama




Jackie 1039 December 3rd 1983

Pin-up: Freeez

Feature: Steve Strange


Jackie 1040 December 10th 1983

Quite a lot of creasing to front cover

Pin-up: Heaven 17 (double page)

Features: Andrew Ridgeley, Paul Young


Jackie 1041 December 17th 1983

Surface creasing to front cover

Pin-ups: Boy George, Nick Heyward



Jackie 1042 December 24th 1983

Pin-ups: Paul Young (double page), Limahl

Feature: Haysi Fantayzee


Jackie 1043 December 31st 1983

Pin-up: Duran Duran (double page), Howard Jones

Feature: Heaven 17


Jackie 1046 January 21st 1984

Pin-up: Adam Ant (double page), Kate Garner

Feature: Gary Numan


Jackie 1047 January 28th 1984

Pin-up: Annie Lennox, Bucks Fizz (double page)

Feature: Wham


Jackie 1049 February 11th 1984

Light creasing

Pin-up: Marilyn (double page)

Feature: Eugene Reynolds


Jackie 1051 February 25th 1984

Pin-up: Adam Ant (double page)

Feature: Marilyn